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I thought everyone should know...
 presstehbutton - (openmydoors)
06:15pm 12/11/2007
not as edgy as i look posting in Press the Button: Earl Haig SS's button club
We won't be holding meetings for quite a while, at least until we can get our hands on a good, sturdy button-making machine.

So for that time, I would like everyone to keep this in mind:

Everyone in the club will get a free button. This is a one-time only sort of deal, which applies to all club members and teachers. The first button is free, but every one after that is not.

We're looking at around $1 per button.

Before we get the machine and start cranking it up, I'd like every member in the club to come up with three different button designs. Two of them should be for the general public, aka the other students, and can promote school spirit. It can include many other things, like political references or pop culture references, famous quotations everyone know about, satyrical comments, etc.

The other one will be yours, your personal design for that first free button you will receive. It doesn't matter what's on that particular button. It just matters that it is original, and yours alone.

So think hard on this for the rest of November, because it is very likely that we won't have the machine until sometime in December.

Captain Button
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