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I totally fogot. Blanked. Whatever you wanna call it.
 presstehbutton - (openmydoors)
08:12pm 12/10/2007
not as edgy as i look posting in Press the Button: Earl Haig SS's button club
If you want to join the club, plz leave me a comment. And I'll add you guys to the comm accordingly. Because I sorta need to know why you wanna join.. You know?
Sorry. Sorta disorganized here. :D
mood: bouncybouncy
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09:19pm 13/10/2007 (UTC)
I'm Roxanne and I go to Haig =D Aaand the ads with all the funny HP stuff attracted me. Didn't know it was a button club lol, but I'd like to see what it's about. ^^
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03:03pm 14/10/2007 (UTC)
not as edgy as i look
Thanks for commenting! You've now been added to the members list, and I look forward to meeting you on Monday!
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08:33pm 14/10/2007 (UTC)
Catherine: spn; dean
Catherine. Saw the poster while in a stall on the first floor. Laughed my ass off!

Ohh!! Buttons! I like buttons!! Seriously would love to educate Haig on the many many fandoms.. or not. XD

btw, I won't be able to make it to tomorrow's meeting but I'd love to know what we're doing.
picword: spn; dean
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08:31pm 19/10/2007 (UTC)
not as edgy as i look: phood
check out the newer post.
The new public post, I mean. :D
picword: phood
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