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An update that everyone needs to pay attention to.
 presstehbutton - (openmydoors)
07:07pm 07/12/2007
not as edgy as i look posting in Press the Button: Earl Haig SS's button club
Our staff advisor, as you all know, is Mr. Hinze.
And as many of you also know by now, he's gone AWOL, with all teachers keeping silent about his whereabouts or his situation, or what's happened to him.
If they know, they don't want to say, and if they don't they still don't want us to pry.

So here is the big problem here, folks. Without the man, we have no staff advisor, and we can't get the OK for the money to buy our button machine. And even if we had the money right now, we can't buy the machine because he was the one who was supposed to buy the darn thing.

So here is what I propose. We have a few choices.

1. get another staff advisor who is willing to use their own credit card to buy this machine for us (if you have anyone in mine, let me know ASAP)
2. get a friend to use their credit card to buy the machine for us (this is high-risk, seeing as the chances of things going wrong are not so little)
3. "rent" the existing machine from VAC (this may still be a problem, since they probably don't have button parts, which means we have to resort to choice #1 or #2 anyway.)
4. Put the entire club on the back-burner and just continue this community as a fandom discussion community.

I'm open to other suggestions you have, and I really need all of your to give me your opinions on this.

Frettingly yours,
Captain Button.
mood: anxiousanxious
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