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An update that everyone needs to pay attention to.
 presstehbutton - (openmydoors)
07:07pm 07/12/2007
not as edgy as i look posting in Press the Button: Earl Haig SS's button club
Our staff advisor, as you all know, is Mr. Hinze.
And as many of you also know by now, he's gone AWOL, with all teachers keeping silent about his whereabouts or his situation, or what's happened to him.
If they know, they don't want to say, and if they don't they still don't want us to pry.

So here is the big problem here, folks. Without the man, we have no staff advisor, and we can't get the OK for the money to buy our button machine. And even if we had the money right now, we can't buy the machine because he was the one who was supposed to buy the darn thing.

So here is what I propose. We have a few choices.

1. get another staff advisor who is willing to use their own credit card to buy this machine for us (if you have anyone in mine, let me know ASAP)
2. get a friend to use their credit card to buy the machine for us (this is high-risk, seeing as the chances of things going wrong are not so little)
3. "rent" the existing machine from VAC (this may still be a problem, since they probably don't have button parts, which means we have to resort to choice #1 or #2 anyway.)
4. Put the entire club on the back-burner and just continue this community as a fandom discussion community.

I'm open to other suggestions you have, and I really need all of your to give me your opinions on this.

Frettingly yours,
Captain Button.
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I thought everyone should know...
 presstehbutton - (openmydoors)
06:15pm 12/11/2007
not as edgy as i look posting in Press the Button: Earl Haig SS's button club
We won't be holding meetings for quite a while, at least until we can get our hands on a good, sturdy button-making machine.

So for that time, I would like everyone to keep this in mind:

Everyone in the club will get a free button. This is a one-time only sort of deal, which applies to all club members and teachers. The first button is free, but every one after that is not.

We're looking at around $1 per button.

Before we get the machine and start cranking it up, I'd like every member in the club to come up with three different button designs. Two of them should be for the general public, aka the other students, and can promote school spirit. It can include many other things, like political references or pop culture references, famous quotations everyone know about, satyrical comments, etc.

The other one will be yours, your personal design for that first free button you will receive. It doesn't matter what's on that particular button. It just matters that it is original, and yours alone.

So think hard on this for the rest of November, because it is very likely that we won't have the machine until sometime in December.

Captain Button
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Hello all.
 presstehbutton - (openmydoors)
05:56pm 11/11/2007
not as edgy as i look posting in Press the Button: Earl Haig SS's button club
This coming monday (the 12th) is a VERY IMPORTANT meeting.
I want to do a headcount of who's who and whatnot, so if you could just pop your head in for a minute and say hi, I'd be grateful.

-Captain Button
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Your prez here.
 presstehbutton - (openmydoors)
08:32pm 15/10/2007
not as edgy as i look posting in Press the Button: Earl Haig SS's button club
Today was our first meeting, and I was pleased to have met some actual fangirls at the meeting today. Albeit, it was a very small group (2), but the intimate setting was lovely and there was a lot of squee. So.

The next meeting is on Monday, the 29th of Oct because I'll be away for the College fair this coming Monday.

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I totally fogot. Blanked. Whatever you wanna call it.
 presstehbutton - (openmydoors)
08:12pm 12/10/2007
not as edgy as i look posting in Press the Button: Earl Haig SS's button club
If you want to join the club, plz leave me a comment. And I'll add you guys to the comm accordingly. Because I sorta need to know why you wanna join.. You know?
Sorry. Sorta disorganized here. :D
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 presstehbutton - (openmydoors)
08:22am 10/10/2007
not as edgy as i look posting in Press the Button: Earl Haig SS's button club
So. This is the first public post.

May I just first say, WELCOME to PRESS THE BUTTON. As your mod and club president, I can't help but share my enthusiasm for this fledgling organization, which, I hope, will grow to be a wonderfully large group of close people united for one cause and one only: to make the most awesome buttons as possible in this world!!!!


I am your president, as I've mentioned before, and you can contact me by just stopping me in the hallway, or commenting on this post, or even emailing me at little_green_toytle@hotmail.com. You can even facebook me if you want (look for me under Laine Han)! What I'm trying to say is...I am here for you guys. You want someone to hear your opinions (hopefully dealing with buttons, but not necessarily), then here I am!

There are also two lovely girls I call my monkeys, but really, they're your VPs. They're the ones who supported this club from its imagining to its birth, so be nice to 'em. They're cool chicks.

Whew. Now that all of the introductions are over (hopefully), let's get to the point, shall we?

As a club, we're going to make ordering forms and make buttons accordingly. We're going to be the number one button provider in the school! We will give the public what they want, as soon as we can make 'em, and of course, there are things we need to consider, as we are still a club in a school:

1. language. We can't use offensive language on the buttons. So none of that sh**, b**ch, f***, c***...etc. Let's make it school-friendly, folks.

2. images. We can't use images of celebrities or such, for copyright reasons. If you provide us with a picture of your puppy or your bf/gf, in the size that's necessary, then right on! We'll print that, but otherwise, I'm sorry. Can't. And, the same with the language, let's stay away from the possibly offensive images. Please.

I didn't mean to sound like such a party-pooper, but I had to lay it out there, guys. So. Within those boundaries, ANYTHING GOES!!!

And remember, as always, to HAVE FUN!

EDIT: All fandom-related posts will be placed under friends-only. Just so you know. <3
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